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Glass Tempering Furnace

Glass Tempering Furnace
Glass tempering furnace, also known as tempered glass furnace, is a kind of fabricating plant that produces tempered glass. You just need to put the common glass into tempering furnace, and cool it rapidly when it is heated near to its melting point. The stress difference inside and outside the glass can induce the production of high performance tempered glass.

Classifications of Glass Tempering Furnace
Glass tempering furnace is a kind of commonly-used tempering equipment. As a tempering equipment manufacturer, we can provide several kinds of tempered glass furnaces, that is, convection heating glass furnace, continuous heating glass furnace, double chamber glass furnace and passage type glass furnace.

Features and advantages
Its unique heating design prolongs the useful life of heating elements.
It is easy to operate and the production process is automatically controlled.
It has self diagnostic function and comfortable human machine interface.
Tampered glass has the characteristics of high strength, safety and thermal stability.
A variety of glass tempering furnaces will fully meet your requirements on specifications.
They can be used for producing and processing quality architectural glass, decorative glass, insulating glass and so on.