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Glass Bending Furnace

Glass Bending Furnace
Glass bending furnace is a kind of glass tempering furnace, mainly used to process quality bend tempered glass for construction, furniture, home appliance, bathing room and so on. As a Chinese glass machine manufacturer, we can supply three kinds of glass bending furnace, including horizontal bend glass tempering furnace, double-curve glass bending furnace and longitudinal bend glass tempering furnace.

Outstanding Features of Glass Bending Furnace
All of our glass bending furnace are produced complying with the technical standards of GB9963, GB9656, ECER-43, and ANSIZ.1.
They can process a wide range of sheet glass, patterned glass, coated glass and Low-E glass, etc.
Our glass bending furnaces are efficient, energy-saving, easy to operate and maintain. The arc is controlled by computer and the curvature is smooth.
No mold is needed during the production.
The heating elements enjoy long operating life, easy installation and disassembling.