Glass Cross Cutting Machine

Glass Cross Cutting Machinee

Glass Cross Cutting Machine

Parameters of Glass Cross Cutting Machine

Cutting straightness ±0.8mm Cutting precision ±0.75mm
Diagonal accuracy ±1.5mm Max. cutting width 4.5m
Max. running speed 3000mm/s Cutting thickness 2.-19mm
Permissible swing range ±200mm Cutting length 600-10000mm

Functions of Glass Cross Cutting Machine:
1.Our glass cross cutting machine has optimized cutting function. Three kinds of product specifications and a reject specification can be set on the touch screen. And when using the function, glass cross cutting machine will automatically or manually choose the suitable specification from the specifications mentioned above according to the defect position.
2. It has two cutters, which can cut by turns under the condition that the glass runs speedily and that the cutting cycle can not meet the needs.
3. These two cutters are standby to each other. When one cutter goes wrong or is replaced, the spared one will automatically put into use and its cutting size will remain the same.
4. Specifications of different orders to be cut can be stored on the touch screen of our glass cross cutting machine. When pressing the order number, the order will appear accordingly.
5. The setting and lifting position of cutter can be set automatically according to the signal of edge incision position sent by longitudinal glass cutting machine. They can also be set in this machine.
6. This kind of float glass manufacturing equipment can send out breaking signal. The lifting height and breaking position can be set or revised on touch screen to meet the needs of breaking glass with different thickness.
7. Cutting pressure wheel and cutting wheel can be dropped simultaneously or separately, to ensure the dropping accuracy and prolong the life span of cutting wheel.

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