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Glass Processing Equipment

Glass Processing Equipment
As a professional glass machine manufacturer, we can provide three kinds of glass processing equipment, such as heat sock oven, shaped glass cutting machine, glass drilling machine. They can process glass sheets with high precision and efficiency. If you are in need of any of them, please do not hesitate to inform us.

1. Heat Sock Oven
The quality control of metallic equipments is carried out by controlling the alloying component of metal materials. We adopt advanced proportional temperature control system. The small temperature difference completely removes the casting adaptability and component proportional segregation of metal bar, thus greatly improving the quality and intensity of alloy.

2. Shaped Glass Cutting machine
Shaped glass cutting production line is composed of full automatic glass loading table, full automatic glass cutting machine and pneumatic glass breaking table, which realizes the flow processing of loading, cutting and snapping.
Our shaped glass cutting machine can be used for a long time with stable precision and high speed. It has CNC control system which is efficient and stable. Photoelectric positioning system provides a convenient and accurate position.
This kind of glass processing machine is suitable for cutting architectural glass, craftwork glass, furniture glass, insulating glass, and solar glass, etc.

3. Glass Drilling Machine
Glass drilling machine, is also called perforator. The rotation of its needle is driven by electric motor. While working, the needle will drill through the processed material and leave a hole on the material.
The drill bits of glass drilling machine can be high-speed steel, titanium alloy, tungsten alloy, cobalt alloy and so on. You can choose the suitable drill bits according to your demands of drilling abilities. As a professional glass processing equipment supplier, we can provide various types of drill bits.